7 of the Best Ways to Plan Your DIY Trip

vacation planning

vacation planning

Travel planning is not always easy, especially for first-time independent travelers. There is a myriad of things to consider including budget, flight booking, transportation options and getting around at your destination, accommodation, and more. These are on top of the everyday things you have to do before your trip. Thankfully, there are plenty of travel hacks you can use to make your trips better. And here are just some of them.

Search incognito
Use a browser that allows you to visit sites incognito like Google Chrome. This makes it less easy for travel or airline websites to keep track of your visits. You can also delete cookies when searching for flights.

Sign up for alerts on travel deals and updates
Get the latest on cheap flight deals from websites like Secret Flying. This gives you access to information about error fares and cheap flight tickets that can help you save more on your trip.

Plan a trip around available deals
If you have no fixed destination in mind, consider planning a trip around the best available travel deals you can find. Build an itinerary that allows you to explore a new place or get to your end-destination through the cheapest routes you can find.

Use travel miles wisely
Weigh the pros and cons of using your miles. Check how much you will potentially pay for other things not covered by the award flight. If you have to pay a substantial amount for extra fees like airport taxes, you may want to consider paying for a ticket instead.

Explore flight options
You do not have to book direct flights unless you absolutely have to. Consider exploring flight options that allow you to fly to your destination at a much lower cost. Check if there are budget airlines you can find that could help lower the cost for you.

Choose local tour operators
Support local businesses by booking tours with reputable local travel companies. You can find a lot of cheaper options if you take the time to do your research online or ask for recommendations from locals when you get to your destination.

Book cheaper accommodations
There are plenty of options you can choose from when it comes to accommodation. You can even find some of the best places to stay for cheap if you take the time to do your research well. Book a room in a bed and breakfast, a hostel, or take a look at other options like house sitting or renting a place on Airbnb.

Why Traveling Should Not Be a Reason to Get You off the Fitness Track

Eating healthy and making time for daily exercise is essentially a balancing act. It might be challenging at the onset, but it could eventually become a habit if you stick with it long enough. Once you get the hang of it, it would be simpler to keep it part of your activities when traveling.

If you want to stay alert, focused, and energized on your trips, you need to keep the same healthy habits that you have back home. The benefits of a healthy diet and daily exercise are not limited to physical fitness alone. They also promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Making time for exercise can clear your mind, enhance focus, improve your mood, and increase your energy. Exercising even for just ten minutes can also enhance creativity. Eating healthy likewise provides you with the right fuel. It gives you the much needed energy to keep going regardless of how grueling your business travel schedules get.

Not watching your diet or preferring to stay inactive while on the road can lead to health issues if left unchecked. Weight gain may become a problem if you do not pay much attention to what you eat. Introducing small changes can be a good start towards healthier routines when traveling. Sometimes, all you need is to explore other ways to make eating healthy and exercise work for you. If you do not have time for your usual workout, try other exercises or activities that would give you the same benefits. You can adjust the scheduled time for your fitness routine so you do not have to miss out on a good workout if you are busy. Or you can opt for other physical activities like taking longer walks to get the exercise you need.

Being conscious of what you eat also helps when you travel a lot. This does not mean you have to explore the culinary delights of the places you visit. You just have to choose more nutritious foods. You can also carry around some high-nutrient snacks to satisfy your food cravings before your next meal. There are many non-perishable travel snacks you choose from that you can easily carry around with you.