CS:GO Gambling: An Ever-Growing Industry


There’s no other reliable way to bet than to participate in a CSGO gamble. Today, the gambling economy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is over USD 2 billion, and that’s not going to decrease based on how popular it is!

Skin-Betting: How Does It Work?


Players can gamble through various third party sites that require them to deposit their skins in the pot, then play games. Winners are chosen randomly in a matter of minutes through provably fair. The player who wins will receive all the skins deposited in the pot, and he can either keep, sell, or trade them.

However, some sites calculate a player’s probability to win based on how valuable or rare their deposited skins are. In this case, if you’ve placed a covert skin like Blood in the Water for an SSG 08 weapon, you’ll have higher chances of winning than the player who only deposited an industrial grade weapon skin like the Death Rattle for Glock-18.

CS:GO Skin Betting also involves the famous slot machine game, where gamers need to purchase credits that cost a few dollars, then open a crate that contains a skin. Crates offer skins in various rarities, and this type of game is surely thrilling as you’ll never know what you could get from opening one. It’s always a suspense.

Going further, skins can also be used to place a bet on the result of professional Counter-Strike games. People can gamble hundreds of dollars on the outcome of the entire game, or the result of an individual map match.

To be honest, skins don’t alter Counter-Strike’s gameplay, and they don’t even change the power of a gun or knife. They’re simply popular because they’re offered in different qualities, encouraging players to collect them so as not to be left behind.

Is it Legal?


Others argue that most gambling sites lack regulations, permitting minors to gamble without knowing the possible consequences. Sadly, this is true since any individual can get a Steam Web API key, which gives users the power to link their Steam accounts to other websites. Take note that Steam doesn’t require you to be 18 before you could create an account. Furthermore, some third party sites don’t ask for your age before you could visit their website. Because of this, CS:GO gambling is receiving criticisms.

How Should I Gamble Safely Then?

CSGO-onlineThere are only two ways you could safely gamble—first; you should be 18 or older. Second, you should make sure online gambling is legal in your state. Ignoring these two might someday put your gambling life in jeopardy, or worse, put your gaming life at risk.