Trading in Counter-Strike: How Does It Work?


Bored in your travel because you’ve visited every place there is to visit? Just turn your laptop on and trade items in CS:GO!

WHY CS:GO Trading?


You might be wondering what’s up with CS:GO trading that everyone’s going crazy about it. Well, aside from the fun and excitement of getting a new item, you can also gain new friends and meet other players too!

There’s more to it than you know. But how does it really work? How can you trade?

WHERE should I trade?

The first thing you should know is where to go. Here’s the list of the best CS GO trading sites in 2018, and it won’t disappoint you.

HOW should I trade?

How do I converse?

The next thing is to know how to speak with someone you’re trading with in-game. Remember that it’s essential to be courteous to the person you’re making business with. Be nice, and although rushing him is often regarded as a good tactic, it’s not for everyone. After adding them as a friend, it’s best to start the conversation with the typical hi/hello, then ask him if he could show the items he owns. If he responds, and you like something from his inventory, you could as if you could make an offer for that specific object. If he continues to converse with you, then make a decent offer.

How do I trade?

Send a trade request. Once it’s been accepted, the trade screen will appear. To add an item to the trade window, you should choose the inventory the item belongs to. After selecting, you’ll notice that the inventory you’ve chosen will be displayed under the drop-down menu. You could either search for a specific item or use the arrow buttons to navigate through the inventory.



Next, just drag and drop the item thumbnail to the trade window. After the person has placed their item to the trade window, you should click the blue ready bar which can be found underneath your offer. You’ll know that the other person has finalized the deal if the bar has turned green.

Need to make adjustments? Click on the trade again and take away the “ready” status. The bar will automatically return to blue after this.

How should I trade safely?

Just trade for items which can be placed in the trade window. Trading CD keys or money isn’t an excellent idea because there’s no way you can be sure that the other player will perform their part in trading.

WHAT should I trade?


Quality items only of course! Don’t forget to examine the quality before you trade. If possible, settle only with items that have a Factory New or Minimal Wear exterior quality.  Remember that to make a good trade; you shouldn’t sound like you’re a scammer. Don’t trade souvenir items too! They’re difficult to sell and have an unstable price.

Bear in mind that stickers do not add much value. They add up to 10% of the sticker’s worth, but titan holos and ibp holos are somehow exceptions.